Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ramadan 2016

I don't have a chance to post something regarding my Ramadan in the past days.
But now it's already near the end of it.

Sad..yes, more than before.
Regret..yes, I wonder didn't do my best and didn't reach my target yet.
Worried..yes, I'm afraid that a lot of sins still stucked inside my body, too much to be erased.

As long as He still give me time and chance to live..
As long as I still can breath and recieve all His blessing for each seconds of my life..
As long as this lips can spell istighfar and this heart have a faith and hope towards Him..

I still have a chance..
I still have a chance to keep improving myself, to find a way being a better Muslim
Run the life, always be on His straight path.

Oh Allah, give me Your light, Your blessing, in every step and every desicion I made.

Give me Your hidayah till the end of my life, not only this Ramadan, but give me streght to remember You every single moments and each seconds of my life. Moreover, remind me to be grateful for everthing I have right now.

Thank you for giving me a chance, having Ramadan this year, with my family, friends, and relatives. 

I wish I could have another chance to meet the Holy Ramadan next year, and this Ramadan could be the moment of deleting all my sins and make me a better Muslim.

Alhamdulillah for this year..

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