Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Love

This writing is made cause now I have a spare time that I don't know whether later on I will have time to write this, or perhaps I will forget and not write at all.

I may not a romantic person, who can express I love you, I need you, every time, to every one I want and I love. I personally never say honey, darling, and bla bla, kiss or hug someone tightly to show them that I love them. I indeed not that kind of person. However, I can't hold myself to write this, since I think I better express it with words, here, more comfortable, with the way I am.

If I could tell "Father is every woman's first love" yes, indeed according to my opinion. What if sorry to say, something happen to them or their father which is create any 'hate effect' but well, your father is still your first love, no doubt.

Who is gonna worry that much even though never tell it out loud?
Who else gonna leave some events just to accompany you going somewhere?
Who else gonna buy you something you want, even you just state it once with not serious way?
Who else the one who bring you go out every day when you feel bored at home?
Who else the one who'll ask you where you going, with who, and by what?
Who else the one who'll get jealous inside when there's boy friends play at home?
Who else the one hit you when you crying at the past because he wants you to be a strong girl, not weak and always wanna buy every things?
Who else the one who you get awkward with when you're grow up?
Who else the one who you gonna hug but you feel ashamed since you become a beautiful lady, not children anymore?
Who else the one who can hold tears very well?
Who else the one who'll pretend to not see when you're crying?
Who else the one who you gonna spend time with, going around the city at night, feeling safe without any worries?
Who else the one who buy you a lot of food while you feel full already or you're on your diet?
Who else the one who gonna protect you so hard till the time when you're taken by someone in the future?
Who else the one who gonna feel don't wanna let you taken by your soul mate, but still let you go for your happiness and try to believe that man?
Who else the one who gonna do everything, even let you go with your soul mate, to see your bright smile besides your first love?

Who else?


But Daddy did....

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