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5 Things I Miss About Seoul

It's been four years I've had visiting Seoul for short vacation after mid term exam. It was early December 2012. We're going back to the dorm right after morning class, took the luggage, backpack, and sling bag, like seriously why did I bring so many stuff that day? Despite the winter that required us to bring some thick clothes, I should just bring one or two pieces and not changing it since we only stayed for three days. Anyway, after we're taking the stuff, me and seven friends of mine were taking taxi from our dorm to Busan Station, since we're going to take the KTX. Woohooo, Finally "I'm taking KTX!!" the fast train. 

the KTX was Very comfortable 

I remember that time we're taking the food out from Lotteria, since it actually permitted to bring our own food to the train. The trip was around three hours, sometimes the train stopped for 5 minutes in other stations for anyone who wants to took it or left the train.

arrived at Seoul Station

In front of Seoul Station

After three hours we arrived at Seoul Station around 4 pm, I forgot we're going to the guest house first or directly went to Myeongdong, but since I didn't bring my luggage anymore, I assume that we've been dropped the stuff to the guest house right after. Our guest house was around Hongdae if i'm not mistaken, I didn't even know the name, it's really homey, look like home, small but comfortable. I forgot taking the picture of it. Anyway, they facilitated us by took ride to the nearest subway station and picked us up there when we want to went home, even at 10 PM. So here what I miss so much about Seoul:

1. Walked around Myeongdong

The moment we arrived, we're starting to explore the Myeongdong. The most famous place to shop, day, and night walking. Every shops from small to high end brand are here. It's heaven for cosmetics hunter, but sadly I didn't do shopping or wondering around cosmetic shops since I just knew well about Etude House and the FaceShop, moreover I just started to knew about makeup thingy, so I didn't explore it a lot. It was getting crowded in the evening. We're walking around trying to found a nice place to eat. Then, we walked down the street and me trying to hold myself to not shop a lot since it was our first day. Remember, don't shop a lot in the first day of your travel, unless you have a lot of money in your budget. 

getting into the crowd
 Myeongdong is one of the main destination for tourist, indeed, it offers you the shopping place also street food, cafe, and many others. How I miss walking around the crowd, in the cold weather, entering the shops, and observed surrounding.

2. Freezing All the Time

When I throwback, I remember that during autumn to fall around October to December I felt like forgot the feeling when I was sweating. I'm the person who easily got sweating but that moment was kind of amazed me since I never got sweating for two months except when I went to the gym once or twice only. The moment when we went to Seoul I thought it's the most freezing. I remember woke up in the morning and my friend told it was minus 6 degree, I felt like didn't want to separate with the blanket. Well it was difficult for me but it doesn't make me hate winter and cold weather. Even I want to feel winter again in another chance. 
in the bright days like this still feel like freezing

3. Street Food, Poop Bread, Rice Water, and Egg Bread

There're a lot of famous street food in Seoul, of course. Besides ttokpokki, kimbab, and other savory snacks, you could also found a food that will fulfill your sweet tooth. They are Poop Bread and Egg Bread.

Poop Bread (Dong Ppang) and Rice Water (Sikye) 
Poop bread, yeuh kind of disgusting but unique. It's a soft bread with red bean filling. What makes them unique is the poo shape and served warm. The companion is rice water, which has the unique taste and you could ask for ice or hot one.  

Egg Bread (Gyeran Bbang)
Egg bread which smells so good, is very suitable to fulfill your tummy at once comfort snack during winter. It served hot, steamy, fresh directly made with one whole egg inside. The sweet smell will calling you from the street and it's gonna make you stop by and get one. Anyway I forgot the exact price of all of them, the range standard of Korean street food is around 1000 to 5000 won if I'm not mistaken. 

4. Gwanghamun Square Area, the Confusing Moment End up Tooking the Subway 

The second day was the day of adventure, me and seven friends of mine were separated into two groups based on our preference where we wanted to go. Me and two of my friends decided to travel around the tourist attraction in Seoul city, meanwhile the rest went to Everland. So, me and friends planned the places to visit the night before, and they were like my map, my tour guide, since I was soooo blind about reading map and remember direction, thank you Gita and Cesy :3 We were going to Gyeongbokgung Palace, Gwanghamun Square area and the funny part when we took subway but actually the place was so close to the previous one. So memorable, and we're busy taking pictures everywhere. 
while taking picture with the guards in front of palace
Very nice to see this in the middle of big city

almost evening 
We're walking around and take pictures till almost evening. Another plot twist, we're stopping by Missha (cosmetic shop) at the subway station maybe because they had sale and we're busy trying out cosmetics, and realized we need to went to the next place, Namsan.  

5. Night walked to Namsan Area, Spicy Ttokpokki, and Warm Odeng Soup


We went to Namsan as our last point destination at the same day. We went there when the dark came. Since it was winter, so the day was getting dark earlier. We climbed the street, yes, we're walking to the place where we could found the cable car, which is located at the top part of the area. At first we have had no idea where to go, how could we reached there, till we found a couple and asked them where to go. Fortunately they also had the same destination which is cable car. Then sadly we need to be "tiga obat nyamuk" behind, following them. Unexpectedly, there was a lot of people who queued for the cable car and Namsan ticket that night. We're just following the queue and bought the ticket. Oh Allah finally I arrived here, even though it was night and difficult to take a picture nicely with the Namsan Tower as the background but I was freezing and very happy. We went to the top of the tower, Teddy Bear Museum, and took picture with the padlocks. But I forgot about the love chair :( 
padlocks full of lights
view from the top during the night

Zupeer cute Goong

Finished rolling around, we're taking cable car to go back and going down. We're planning to ride a taxi to Gangnam and asked the taxi driver, but he offered so expensive tariff. Then we just walked down slowly, since we're so tired. Ttokpokki shop was shining brightly when we're about to arrived at nearest subway station. Then we decided to stop by and warming our body with odeng soup and spicy ttokpokki before continue the way to go home. 

Three days feel actually not enough to explore. I don't even have chance to visit Itaewon area, where Seoul Central Mosque is located and cancel our plan to Nami Island. Do planning and schedule well, have a day for shopping, and another day for exploring, that's gonna be more effective. Use the information center and public transportation information, it will be great if you could take Seoul city tour bus. 

But besides, I miss each seconds of my life in Korea. I feel half of my heart is left there, LOL. Hope this writing and could give a very little information about the destination in Seoul. I hope I could go there again, if Allah give me chance. 

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