Sunday, September 11, 2016

Words I Wish to Hear Sometimes

1. "It's okay, just be yourself!"
2. "Tell everthing, I'm ready to hear"
3. "It's okay, just cry it out loud"
4. "How could I find myself so full just by seeing the way you eat?"
5. "Tell me what happened today!"
6. "That's why Allah destined us to meet."
7. "You're always surprising me"
8. "Don't you miss me?"
9. "Call me when you already home!"
10. "You are different"
11. "I'm proud of you"
12. "I believe you can do it"
13. "Don't worry, I'll get your back"
14. "I'm lucky to know you"
15. "Thanks for being with me"
16. "Thanks for accepting me"
17. "I do never expect we'll be this close"
18. "You look amazing"
19. "You're actually a nice person"
20. "I believe in you"
21. "I understand your feeling" 

What about you? :)

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